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1000 Breast Prostheses for Women


Inspired by women’s journey from first diagnoses and the strides they take each day to recover, and their immeasurable strength and joy of life; we designed a perfect gift to women that is light, comfortable, and as natural as a real breast.

Neyne breastforms are lightweight prosthesis that embodies all that women desire in a breastform. Made using medical grade silicone that ensures bio-compatibility to the skin, the product ensures great fit and form.

Every year the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer increases; this can be attributed to the advancement in medicine which has enabled growth in breast cancer detection, diagnoses, and treatment.

The statistics of breast cancer cases, also branches into the increasing number of women who lose a breast or both due to mastectomy. Post mastectomy, various options are available – breast reconstruction and prosthetic implants.

These options require additional surgery, which for some women may not be desirable option, while other women are not candidates of any of the two options. This provides opportunity for the option of external breast prosthesis. This is an external breast form used to restore the aesthetic contours of the affected area on the chest.

Product Information

Neyne breast prosthesis is a lightweight breast form that is worn externally on the chest area, for medical purposes (women who have lost a breast post-mastectomy, due to breast cancer) and cosmetic purposes (for increasing breast size without surgery).

Made with bio-compatible silicone elastomer, Neyne breast prosthesis provides full comfort, and feel of a natural breast.

The product is meant to be worn on the exterior surface of the breast area, under a bra.It can be worn under any bra however, for your complete comfort, a wireless bra is highly recommended.

Product Benefits

  • Soft, sponge-like medical grade silicone that can be worn directly against the skin
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Wearable with regular bras
  • (no mastectomy bra restrictions)
  • Durable and lifestyle friendly
  • No bubbles, no leaking and no punctures
  • Available in 8 sizes and three colours – Mocha, Almond and Buff

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